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I am going to take my father in law ice fishing this weekend. I have been fishing in Bay city on the river but I am thinking about trying the z-bridge. I am not familiar with the parking and the bait situation and would appreciate specifics. I will be coming from the millington area and i thought the zbridge would be a nice change from the dinks I have been catching in bay city. feel free to pm me or post with help. thanks Exitpupil (matthew)
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Assuming your coming up I-75 get off at the exit (153 I believe) at the base of the bridge on the south side. Go right on M13 and about a mile or two down the road is a Motel and there is a bait shop down off the road by the rooms. They have everything you will need including a wall full of jigging Rapalas in every color and size. As far as parking goes the roads will be lined with cars as will the river be line with shanties. Pick a spot anywhere......no place is that much better than any other.
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Originally posted by EXITPUPIL
i thought the zbridge would be a nice change from the dinks I have been catching in bay city.

HeHe!!!:D There are them dinks up by the Z-bridge too! I caught well over 15 fish there a few days ago with in 2 hours. Not one over 15".:(
Speakin of DINKS all over the place. People, please take out what you take in. I picked up 2, 1# cylinders, a plastic peice from one, and a bunch of garbage (plastic containers, jiggin rap packages, etc). And people wonder why alot of places are not letting people access the river through their place of business.

Sooner or later the river will have some bigguns. Just keep at, and try different places, sooner or later your gonna take a couple back home with ya.
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I would have to say stay in bay city. That's where the hogs come in first from the bay. Then move to z bridge when fish get there.
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