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Hey Gents,

If you watch YouTube, or even if you don't but want to see some killer action on our homeland lakes, then check out my channel: Cody Adams Fishing

In my recent video, I take you to a local inland lake here in West Michigan for some fall bass and northern pike fishing!

If you liked what you saw then leave a comment on the video of what you'd like to see next! I do almost all of my viewer's requests, including taking them on fishing trips!
Of course this is only my third video - however, the more support I get, the better the content will be! HELP ME HELP YOU!

All lakes and streams are kept anonymous in order to keep traffic down on the places I go - that is, unless it is some place like Lake Saint Claire or some other big lake/river.

Thanks for tagging along guys, I hope to hear what you have to say!

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