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yote hunting????

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well i checked the threads and did not see anything on this so forgive me if this has already been posted.my? is pg 34 again, on season dates for yotes 9/15-10/14 and 3/1-3/31."only on private lands when doing or about to do damage" what does this mean?and who's call is it on the ? of damage. thanks ,,anthony:D
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Yes you are correct, it means that between those dates you can only hunt private lands because they would not be doing damage to your property on state/public lands. As far as damage, you won't have to much of a problem there because of the increasing coyote population. However, you can't use the excuse that the coyote are effecting the deer, sorry that's part of nature but, if you have a pet dog that you are concerned will get into it with coyote or something like that that effects "your" property than it can be classified as damage. Hope that answers your question.
so that does fall under,and guest.the landowner does not have to be present?

Now you have me confused. As I read the hunting and trapping guide page 34 refers to "Nighttime Raccoon and Predator Hunting" not the general season. The restrictions on hunting public land from Sept 15-Oct 14 and March 1 - 31 are for night hunting only. Page 37 of the guide states Coyote hunting season is July 15 - April 15 with the only restriction of no hunting during the gun deer season in the U.P. Are you saying you cannot hunt public land for coyote except during the times allowed in the night hunting regulations?

No, since michhunter was talking about page 34 I assumed he was referring to hunting at night only. During other times when the season is open you can't hunt yotes at night, only during the regualr daytime hours.

michhunter...you are correct, the landowner does not have to be present but you must have his permission obviously.
I always thought that in the sentence 'only on private lands when doing or about to do damage' that the 'about to do damage' part was kind of weird. Like a CO finds you with a dead coyote and you say " I could tell by the look on his face that he was about to do damage".
The, "about to do damage", has never been an issue with coyotes or raccoons.
Basically if a raccoon or coyote is on your property he's legal to shoot, right?
thanks, the About to do damage. was my ? as i dont like gray areas then it comes to the use of my guns and hunting . and it was about night hunting thanks again,,anthony
answerguy8...I'm not going to give approval to a blanket answer like that.;) Common sense is the key. Do forget yotes and ***** have a right to live in the woods too. :)
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