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Old school cool, complete with Woolrich plaid and Model 81!
We never carried deer out of the woods because too many people would shoot at anything brown that moved. Orange has saved a lot of lives.
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Darn good idea. Nothing like a popple nub digging into you shoulder But if both guys put a little bit of upward pressure with their hands, it's probably not a bad way to go!

"I say boy,Why don't you drag that buck back to camp with these here sticks,whilest I sit here on this ole Stump with my rifle and see if another deer buck comes by!"

Camera is lowed and so is the travois before the dragging continues with a man on each side.

Had a woodcutting partner on a property we couldn't drive on.
Ended up with foam pads to carry rounds on shoulders with after a while. Not enough natural padding there!
Several years ago I killed a doe that dropped in a wet boggy area near a river that would have been next to impossible to drag out.

We used our belts to tie her to a log and carried her out...and we didn't lose our pants!
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Old school cool, complete with Woolrich plaid and Model 81!
Great eye for identifying the rifle as a M81 Remington. The straight grip stock threw me off at first as most had a pistol grip. Interesting rifles . Jack O'Connor once had one and wrote that when he pulled the trigger, " All sorts of things start to happen." Texas Ranger, Frank Hamer, with good effect, used a .35 Remington M81 in the Bonnie and Clyde shootout and supposedly with a 30 (+/-) round magazine cobbled together by a local blacksmith . Although -

I read somewhere that M81 extended magazines were generally available from police supply distributors. Regardless - an impressive looking 'tactical ' rifle.

9mm Hi-Power
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Actuall, with the straight grip, it would be the earlier model 8. Not such good eyes after all.
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