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Yeeehaw! Fun day...

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Between the post here and on the other site, (More so on the "other site".) a few customers and some chores around the shop it's been far from boring around here for a change. Count up some bait, check the new post and laugh a little. Vacuum the shop, check the new post and laugh a little. Carry stuff out for storage, check the new post and laugh a little... You get the idea! It is obvious that the winter doldrums have set in and I for one, really like it!

I've got a party to go to tonight and will be fishing the next three to five days, but please keep it up because I won't have nearly as many chores to do next time in the shop and will need some entertaining reading! Merry x-mass everyone and a happy new year!

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Happy Holidays to you and yours as well Steve, from Scarlet and I.
Merry Christmas Steve to you and yours and the gang at B.B.T. Thanks for another year of up to date reports and fish tales. hope to get up there over the holidays.
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