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WTB laptop

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I'm looking for a older laptop in good working order. anyone have a old pent 1 or 2 they want to get rid of?
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Going rate for Pent 1 or 2's is $200-$300 depending on bells & whistles. Ebay usually has them in that price range, BUT I'd rather buy locally if possible. You never know what your going to get on e-bay when buying used!
I see Dell now has new ones starting at $699 w/dvd and free shipping.
I have finally been able to contact a friend that builds and sells laptops to meet the need of a user and his prices are low! I will be getting mine from him.
If anyone is in need of a used laptop at a good price, just PM me and I can get you in contact with him.
Rev Doyle you box is full! PM me
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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