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WTB Foot Controled Trolling Motor

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I am looking for a foot controlled trolling motor for my boat. I am no expert on these, so it you think that it has enough thrust to move a 17' aluminum boat, it works for me. I was also thinking that it should be around 40" or more. Te height on my bow is something like 36". I'm not sure if that is from the waterline or from teh bottom tof the hull. Anyway, I dont think anything in the 30's will be long enough. Should I not worry about lenth. I was hopping to keep the cost under $200 and I would like to pick it up(if nearby) to save on shipping.
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saw some on clearance at walmart for about that price.
Get more thrust then you need. It's nice to have in a river, if you need to make a move 100yds or more away and don't want to start the big motor and in the wind. 40lbs or so will get you by but 50lbs or more is what I would look for. Also the shaft needs to be long enough to keep the motor in water in the waves. There is a lot of imfo. on the box that the motor comes in that will help you. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info slowpoke.

I'll try to get out to walmart and see what they have. Thanks!
More thrust with a longer shaft is the way to go ! :eek: :D :rolleyes: (Isn't it always though ?):D :D :D
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