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I know I don't post much but I thought I should make this post in hopes in educating someone,anyone,preferable certin people.
the worst opening day in history almost makes me want to give up hunting all together.
the story begins with me hunting the same tract of state land for years durring bow season, wich I found was fairly sucessfull ( never shot one but saw plenty),this year i found myself without a tract of private to hunt so decided to hunt there.
now my nephew (whos never been hunting) and I show up at 6:30 am get set in our respective spot all set anxious,the scrape was fresh, tracks were fresh it was perfect not another hunter in sight ( but i knew they were there, 2 other trucks in the parking lot)next thing you know here comes a blue ford suv down a 2 track (signs that say no motor vehicales permitted) AFTER dayligh park 2 feet from my scrape, make so much noise to wake the dead. then sit 20 feet from the truck.
my nephew and I cheesed off don't know what to do next so we get up and move then you hear these ding dongs complaing that we're screwing up thier hunting. we watch them get up and sit in our spots.about 4:30pm they decide to go home make so much noise comming out, that some one else got to shoot one that they spooked out( good for the shooter)
day 2 nothing, nadda, zip, zero, zilch, kaput. ran into 2 other people and they were cool.
I really did expect to see other hunters but just not disrespectfull hunters, everyone else walked in everyone else, was quite, everyone else was there early.
thats my story and sorry to ramble on but i just had to vent.
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