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Work for the dogs in the off season.

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With duck season now closed and goose hunting being only a part time passion at this point I was wondering what others do to keep the dogs in shape in the winter months?
I have come to realize that I didnt train my dog to do dry land retrieves so that is on list but she also needs alot more water work as well as blind retrieves. Anyway as you can see I have a huge list for my dog in general but what do those of you that have a working dog do in the off months?
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Multibeard, be careful with those traps and your dog. I just had a bad thought of a dog getting his head in a 330. I don;t know if I would take him. I sets some 330 Conie's and tripped it with a broom handle, I don;t have to tell you it snapped it off clean. I would hate to see any dog get into one of those. Matter of fact I worry about my dog getting in one of those connibears. Years of training lost in a matter of seconds. :(
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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