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Woody's Bait Saginaw

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What ever happened to Woody, anyone know?
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Was there yesterday (Sat.) no lights on,don't know?? Went to Nicki"s and they was out,said that they would have more any day now. Had to go up to Riverview. Is there any other place to get bait in Saginaw? What about Bay City?
Is there any other place to get bait in Saginaw? What about Bay City?
Old Town Party Store on Henry Street in Bay City between Midland Street and Jenny about 3 blocks from the river has great minnows, gives you a high count, and have accurate information that they're willing to share.
from what I heard Woody's DJ business has taken off and he doesnt have time to mess with selling bait

Nikkis in Zilwakuee and Cox's in East Side Saginaw
R&R bait shop on 46 just east of 52 on the north side.
Went to R&R yesterday they give you alot of minnows for the price. They were on the small side but at least they were emeralds. It was the first time i have gone up there post woody era. I come up 75 and wondered what the nearest to the rust st. launch. This talk about woody's reminds my of the first time i went there, it was still dark out and the line was out the door. What did i see when I got to the counter but a bed with a women sleeping in it. A little strange but one of my favorite place to get bait. Truthful report and alway alot to the dozen.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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