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Woman Killed By Cougar

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This is not a Michigan event. But all those that have dealings with the cats please be careful.
here is a sad story about a young girl killed while cross country sking in British Columbia http://www.nationalpost.com/search/story.html?f=/stories/20010105/426285.html
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I remember hearing warnings about the big cats when I was working in Klamath Falls, Oregan. The put up fliers in neighborhoods, announced the warning area on tv and radio, and the postman would let everyone know what was going on if he saw anyone out. Being that my job at the time was door to door, I had no choice but to be in the area despite the warning. Never saw a cat, but was yelled at by residents about the warning.

You would never think of a big cat in a residential area, but they are. Remember, those areas were once the cats territory before we came in and decided to build a neighbor there. The answer is not to kill all of them either.
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