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The winter wheat that was planted end of August last year made for a great fall hunting plot and now in the Spring was the 1st thing to green up. Deer have been hammering the wheat and now are hitting the clover that is in its 3rd year. I frost seeded with clover and it is coming in just fine.

This is part of the group that wintered in the area. Mineral lick is also a big draw (Minnesota).

A couple of bucks made it through the season. Doesn't seem possible but they did.

A close up of the bigger one.

Unsure how big he'll be but he has a little something to work with.

The clovers along with the ww seem to be a very good combination. Just to the south of this 30 yards I put in a 1/3 acre pheasant plot consisting of milet, sorgum, sunflower and peas. I'm working on another 1/4 acre strip adjoining the pheasant plot for some brassicas of some sort.

Not enough time in a day to get it all done.

Thanks to everyone for all the great info.

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