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Winter steelheadin' on the big Sandy, 12-28

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Fished the big river today, had a good day. It was typical winter steelhead, but fun. A good amount of fish caught today, lots of guys. Hooked my first fish, a very brightly colored male in the 7lb class, that I pulled the hook out of 15 feet from shore, bummer! Then fished at another spot and took a dark colored 8-81/2lb male in that slow, deep slot out in front, I took a pic, and slid him back in, hope he makes it okay, he had THREE lamperey marks on him! Both fish fought well, considering a water temp around 33 degrees. Most guys today were fishing waxworms, both under floats and on drift rigs. My fish both came on the two flavors of steelhead candy, the first on a dime-sized bag, the landed fish on a 3 bag, both came on pink. Seen fish caught in every location I went, seen one limit. A guy at the mouth of the river, throwing orange spoons hit a 13lb, and 11lb male, both scale weighed(FnD :D ). Heading up on some time off the first week after the first, for three days, can't wait, tight-lines guys!
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Nice report. Sounds like a good time. I wish I could get up there soon:p
good fishin JON,we seen alot of fishin the river saturday too,but didnt fair well on catching.only seen one fish takan by a drift boat,we fished the lower end.
I fished up Lar, ther seems to be a good number of fish in that section, in the usual holes, good fishin' to ya!
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