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Will Work For Walleye!!!!

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i do construction work & would be willing to trade some home remod. for a ride on the detroit river!! i have no boat so i'm kinda stuck.

any takers shoot me a pm!!

much thanx guys
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do you have a Canadian license?
I know you can get them off the river but when we drove by the bait shop today on the river it looked closed. anyone know if this bait shop is open
you can get a one day lic. for cheap 17 bucks something like that otherwise there 45 to 50 bucks. The only prob is I don't know if you can get them off the river at the strugeon hole? you used to be able but it looked closed due to dock work today. The only problem its Sat. so the Mnr (can. dnr) will be out for sure checking . by the way your mail box if full
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i just deleted some stuff, soryy!do they sell them on this side ?
if your not in a hurry, Lakeside bait and tackle at 10 & jefferson sells them, the only thing is they go over once a week, thursdays after 3 your license will be there. I think can't remember what I bait but it was about 55 US$$. I'll look and edit my post.

***It was $55 US****
thanx for the info! i live not far from the bridge it may be easier to head over & pic one up
you can pick up a conservation license for half the price. half the limit but still a license.

I can get them all over the river in a week or 2 give me a bump. you won't need to bring anything but the beer you drink and a cooler for your fish. No need to do work or anything in return. I get a kick out of people getting fish.
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you are the man ed!! 2 weeks is easter but you name it & i'm there!! thanx a mill!!
ok guys, i'm cryin here.....lol :(
Anytime you want to go give me a PM. I'm also in the const. business. We specialize in all types of concrete, Res. and Commercial. Always looking for a write off. Those business mtgs. on the river are great!!:D
offer still stands!!!

i know the river is getting packed now that the tourny's are starting though.
Send me a PM as a reminder and I'll put you in the Queue for about Mid-May.
Always lookin for dedicated fishin company...
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