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Whom would you choose?

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The thread 'The Greatest Archer...' and a recent thread on another site that ran similar, made me think about some of the answers I read. So I'll ask the question here:

Between Howard Hill and Fred Bear whom would you choose to be around?

Personally, if it was just knocking around with the longbow, and no hunting was involved, I think I would prefer Howard. I know he hunted and obviously had fun doing it. I have read his book and other books on his life that indicate he knew how to have fun! It would be great to spend a day, weekend, week, whatever, with him, watch his shooting, ask him questions, and have him critique my shooting.

If I were asked to go hunting with only one of these two, I think I would choose Fred. The kinds of hunts he made in the type of country he made them just plain appeals to me. Wouldn't it have been great to be with Fred in camp on the Little Delta? Or roaming mule deer country, with him on one side of a coulee and you on the other? I would have loved to have spent time with Fred in a fall deer woods.

Anyway, that's just me personally. What about you??

God bless, Arch.
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Don't know alot about Howard except that he was an awesome shot. I would choose Fred. I've read alot about Fred and his demeanor and sense of humor seem to suit me just fine. Not to mention I also like his choice of hunts.;)
Gosh that is a tough one – both would be interesting. While it would be great to chat with one of the two of them, I think if I could choose right now one of the “big names” to share a hunt, a campfire, or shoot a bow with, I’d pick Don Thomas or Jay Massey. While neither are in the same league as Howard Hill or Fred Bear, I sure would like to spend a little time with Don Thomas … (Jay Massey passed away)

I love Don Thomas’ writing style and I have all his books. His descriptive, eloquent and articulate style makes you feel as though you are right there with him in every one of his articles and stories. And I also liked Jay Massey’s writing. It would have been fun to have floated the river with him … what an adventure.

Other than that, for now, LOL, I’m pretty content to spend what time I have for hunting with my family.
No fair picking someone that wasn't on the list, Chuck!;) Jay Massey is my all time bowhunting hero. In 1990 I kept in touch with Jay over the phone trying to arrainge a float hunt on the Moose John. I even got his wife mad at me when I forgot about the time zone difference and I woke her up at 4am! Boy did I feel dumb!:eek: I never went through with it but I sure wish I had. :mad:
That's a good story Jim ... :D Yeah, it sure would have been a neat thing to do. You've still got time - they still do float trips down that river.;)

Thanks for the link Trout ... he was quite a guy.
I had the money to do the float trip way back then.;) Now I'm married with "animals!":(
Boy, I never thought of Jay or Don. Then what about TJ Conrads, or G. Fred, or Sam Fadala, or Terry Plank (I've been in camp with him--it's great!), or and or and or...

I was thinking of some of our more recent past bow hunting ancestors.

Have fun. The responses are great to read.

God bless, Arch.
Yeah Jim - that's the funny thing about life - by the time you get around to being able to afford to do such a thing again, you're getting to the point where you lose the enthusiasm for such a trip.

I'd sure like to try it someday though ... :)
I dont know if I could realy pick. It would have to be both:)
If it were someone today it would be Ken Beck and
Denny Sturgis and Darrel Quidort. On the videos I,ve seen with them these guys know how to have fun :) :) :D
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