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I for one think that the top bass guys have got there stuff together. They have very well run tournaments and a very good following. I cant think of a better local tournament trail I would rather fish. They have great sponsors,great consolation prizes, and the two guys that run it are very friendly. they also have very nice trophys:D. at the end of the season they give away huge prizes. I havent seen the schedule yet for this year but I assume it will look somthing like this...........1)saginaw bay 2) houghton 3) sanford 4)wixom maybe a muskegon lake or two thrown in, another wixom or sanford. burt and mullet who knows but they are usually somthing like that. If you live anywhere near any of these ares please give them a look. You will se how well run even reletivly small tournaments can be. they feel like smaller versions of b.a.s.s. tourneys. I will post a schedule when I get one.

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my old partner is leading a new fishers of men division for the east side this year. FOM is a national trail - they have regional and national level tournaments post season where you can win a brand spankin new - fully rigged triton plus payouts up to 25 places or so.

here are the schedules:

May 27th: FOM East - Belleville
May 27th: FOM West - Muskegon
May29th: BBT - Muskegon
Jun 3/4: Federation - Muskegon
Jun 10 : BBT cad/mid - Muskegon
Jun 10/11: BFL - Burt/Mullet
Jun 17 : FOM East -Wixom
Jun 17: FOM West - Hardy Dam
Jun 24/23: BFL - Stc Clair
Jun 24/23: bbt open Grand River
Jun 25: Tear - Crystal
Jul 8: FOM West - Grand River
Jul 8: FOM East - Detroit River
Jul 9: Tear - elk/trh
Jul 15/16: Federation - Saginaw Bay
Jul 15 BBT Super - Muskegon
Jul 22 BBT - White
Jul 29 FOM West - Gun
Jul 29/30 BFL - Grand
Jul 30 Tear - Portage
Aug 5/6 Federation - st clair
Aug 5 BBT - Muskegon
Aug 6 Tear Hamlin
Aug 12 FOM West - White Lake
Aug 12 FOM East Cass
Aug 19 BBT - Grand River
Aug20 Tear - Duck lake
Aug26/27 BFL - Detroit River
Aug 25/26 Fed - SFO
Sep 2 - FOM East Det River
Sep 9 BBT Open - Muskegon
Sep 9/10 BFL - Detroit River
Sep 16 BBT Clasic
Sep 23/24 Tear Classic
Sep 30 Federation Classic

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Here's some information on the 2006 Top Bass Schedule including two very recent changes I just got from Elmer Daniels. I add any updates or changes there if they occur. I only fished one last year - early June at Houghton Lake, but I enjoyed the unique individual format quite a bit.

You might want to check out this comprehensive list of bass tournaments that is put up every year too. It is constantly updated with a large percentage of the opens and circuits included.
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