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Whitmore Lk. Sat pm

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Fished in 25 feet of water and got lots of tiny perch on spikes and minnow pieces. A guy near me got a 20 inch walleye in 13 feet of water on a tip up at about 4:30. Also saw some 25-30" pike on the ice. Worked the shallows right before dark crappie and got only one small one. Went back into 16 feet of water and jigged for a half an hour with a minnow head with no luck, did mark a few that slowly came up a foot off the bottom and checked out the bait but no takers...
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conner, were you fishing out in front of the d.n.r. launch? if so how far do you have to go to get to 25fow ? i heard they were gettin nice walleye out there but everyone is tight lipped about were and how.
yup, about 400 yards straight out is the sharp dropoff...
think ill try it wed or thurs for them walleye, thanks for the info. notice i left out the y in day:D :D
That's good, maybe I'll stay home on those days!!!:D :D :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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