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Anybody ever have it????? Meijers had it on sale, so I thought I would buy some and try to smoke it..... It was headed and gutted, I butterflied it and its in the brine now.......:eek:
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Thanks Ralf,,,,, We'll see how it turns out smoked....
Lunker,,,, I figured 3 whole fish for $2.00, what the heck!!!! But then again, you get what you pay for!!!:rolleyes:

Ypsi, your right...... Just looked at a box of fish sticks,,,,, Whiting is the main ingredient!!!!!

Oh well, they are going into the smoker today, along with 2 nice salmon fillets. Will let ya know the results...:D
The results are in........ (they've been done for 2 days, just got around to trying them):rolleyes:

I slow cold smoked the whole batch and the whiting turned out quite good!!!!! The general reply around here is to go buy some more when it goes on sale again.......
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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