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I had planned for a solo 3/5 limit and had it in the bag Memorial Day morning if I hadn't been so concerned with marking my hits on the GPS. This flaw resulted in 2 fish becoming unbuttoned and foiling my plan. Instead of a limit, I went 3 for 5 coming home with 2 browns & a king.

I set-up in 50 FOW at 5AM & trolled west until 6AM when I landed a 3lb king using a #3 green glo/black ladderback J-Plug in 118 FOW. A SWR with a 2 oz snap weight 220' behind an inline board was the set-up.

At 6:30 I missed a similar sized fish using a #4 green glo/black ladderback J-Plug off of a SWR 35' deep on a downrigger over 115 FOW.

I pulled lines at 8AM & headed in for some sandbar browns. I took a 2# & a 4# brown using a hammered silver/metallic blue taped Jr. Flutter Devle off of my Otter Boats. The much bigger brown that I lost hit a silver hammered/black edged Jr. Flutter Devle.

I had surface temps in the 55-57 degree range & my SubTroll probe was reading 46 degrees 50' down in the 100-130 FOW range.
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