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Took my Son out Thursday night. Started at 80' straight out @ 8:30 Pm. Went 3 for 6, all nice kings in the 11-14 pound range. Moon shine in the Night Crawler 40' down did the best ( 3 hits). Two on the white FC. Green Fly at 150' back of the Dippsey. The other was a Moon Shine off the Full Core. We went as deep as 135', but the best action was in the 120 range.
Spent the night in White Hall and went back out this am. (not till 9 am) we had 4 rips on the Dippsey/flasher/fly combo with only one to the boat that ended up being a 8 pound king, one back 150'(3 rips) and the other back 200'(1 rip)
the best depth this am was the 110 range.
Nice trip for my Boy and Dad.
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