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Where'd everyone go?

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Well this Forum section hasn't had a post in a few days...since the 12th...Hasn't anyone been fishing the NW Rivers?
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SLOW!!!!!!!!:D The fishing i mean. I hit multiple rivers this past weekend, not much going on from what i saw.
I think everyone's been at the icefishing forum. Guilty myself! It's going to be a tough winter I think. Let me see...we do have steel this winter...and we most likely will have ice this winter. Hmmmm...a very interesting dilema indeed!!! Could be an interesting debate!
Seeya somewhere...Sid
Most of the members that have been here the longest realize that there are too many people now visiting these forums (this site now has 6000+ members). Once they post a report, the following weekend they will have 20 more people at there favorite spot most likely.

I've fished almost every weekend this year and I've yet to post a report in a VERY long time.

There are alot of other reasons behind this but it's plain and simple, these forums create a problem of too much overexposure for alot of the smaller tribs.
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We don't condone posting about small tribs and if you got a hot spot on a bigger river that you don't want anybody to know about, ... don't post about it.
Well put Ladykiller. Ever notice how many people that have wised up and not made any more bragging posts after they see the results? I don't care if its a Tippy Dam report, smart people keep their yaps shut. Can anyone give me one good reason why you'd post a specific fishing report besides the fact you're just bragging and need an ego boost? I could see if you had an interesting story or fancy yourself as some kind of outdoor writer, but otherwise, why? I can't even count anymore the amount of fishing spots I know of that have been ruined by pressure because someone had to brag about their trip on the internet to 10,000 people they don't even know.

I know this won't be a popular opinion here(not that I care), but I think the report sections of these sites should be eliminated - Internet sites would be a lot more useful and less controversial if people would just stick to talking about issues, methods, etc. instead of feeling the need to brag about all the fish you just caught and tell everyone exactly where. Its getting ridiculous anyway with people fighting over posts - don't post about Yates, don't post about the Paw Paw, don't post about U.P. rivers, etc. Why don't people just go fishing when they can get out and go and don't worry about what people caught yesterday? Chances are the conditions have changed since the report was made anyway. The best time to go fishing is whenever you can get out - if you sit around on your butt with a computer waiting for a hot run, you're gonna probably miss out by the time you get there as fish are often hot one day and cold the very next day. Sorry guys, but I had to pitch in my 2 cents about this. Just go fishin!
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Originally posted by feeshermann
Can anyone give me one good reason why you'd post a specific fishing report
I've posted some fishing and hunting reports in the past. Bragging and my ego have little, if anything to do with the reason why.

I don't mind sharing some information with others, albeit not any smaller lakes, streams, specific holes, etc. Members, most of them anyway, enjoy reading reports and seeing photos.

We need to take care when bringing up some of the more "secret" areas and I think that is the direction the administrators/mods on this site are going, putting some emphasis on restricting naming the more less known spots.

Maybe we need to get to this or maybe not!!!

"I fished a piece of water in Michigan and had some success using a variety of stuff on the end of my line.".............Just kidding a bit here!!!

To tell you the truth, I miss some member's posts, Splitshot being one, who shared photos, information, etc. about an angling adventure. He got burned and now doesn't bother to open themselves up to ridicule. I always read Steve's and Bob's discussions of their adventures on the PM and enjoy them thoroughly. I haven't fished the PM since I was in high school by the way and it is less than an hours drive SE of me.
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... And there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting about an angling adventure. Keep the pictures generic (don't show a dam or a bridge for example), don't name the river if you don't want, but heck, people love to see pictures.

I can see some validity in your statement, however...........

Long before the internet got popular and sites like this were around and guys were sharing there expierances on these boards I can attest that I dont see anymore, sometimes less people at some of spots that I fish. The Highbanks in Oscoda is a fine example. I've been fishing that stretch of the AuSable for over 20 years and although it still gets to be a mad house during the peak of the steelhead season in the spring I dont see it as any worse now than 20 years ago. If anything its better! Same at the Tippy dam and the Betsie, they've always been popular, crowded places and will be long after we're gone. (I hope!). I dont think I've ever read a post here that someone's givin up a unknown honey hole! I enjoy reading the success' and the failures that guys report. I do agree with you on one point; "Just go fishin"!

Just my $.02 on the subject ;)
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Originally posted by feeshermann
Can anyone give me one good reason why you'd post a specific fishing report besides the fact you're just bragging and need an ego boost? I could see if you had an interesting story or fancy yourself as some kind of outdoor writer, but otherwise, why?
It's simple, just don't post where you have been fishing. I luv reading peoples adventures who ever you may be. Bigsid posted a report a few weeks ago that I really enjoyed. Why get rid of that?? I haven't posted where I have been fishing for since beginning of sept and before that who knows when the last time I posted where I was fishing. If you don't like it, don't read. If it wasn't for the reading of peoples success, I am not sure I would still be posting on the internet. That's what I think makes it fun sharing experiances. Some people do post for ego, but they don't last long here.

Also, Yes, some of the little rivers that only get so many fish that are near a big city don't need the publicity. One report of a fish being caught, the hole city is there I saw it happen this fall.
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Originally posted by feeshermann
Can anyone give me one good reason why you'd post a specific fishing report besides the fact you're just bragging and need an ego boost?

Yeah, people love looking at pics. Posting pictures of nice looking fish for people to enjoy has nothing to do with ego (at least for most people). As far as locations, posting fish from major rivers (Muskegon, Manistee, St. Joe, etc) is basically harmless. Now when specific holes on smaller rivers and tribs are mentioned or shown, I can see where people could get upset.
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Why do I post pics and stories on here? Most people think it's to brag about my fishing ability and these people are dead wrong. I post pics and stories to share them with the great people on this site and I hope everyone else continues to do so also. I for one enjoy it alot when I am working my overtime work weeks to save up the extra cash for my weekend fishing trip, and come on here and read all your stories and see all your pics. It does wonders for getting through all the overtime hours until I can leave for my trip! (and sometimes makes me split of out of work a few days early:rolleyes: ) I have had many a false interpretations of my character because a few people think I am bragging and I think I am better than everyone else. Well, I don't know where they get that. I am just out to enjoy life, and fishing is one of my main ways to have fun. Then I come home and share my experiences. Even when I don't catch fish I post pics of the whole weekends events...As for specific rivers and such, I have learned to keep the names out of my posts. Nothing makes a fellow fisherman more mad than to see you happend to fish there favorite river stretch and then you post exactly where it is. So, My posts are, as someone said above, "Generic" pictures and no name rivers. Some people say my long posts like this make me a know-it-all...Well I kinda am...I am living my life and "I-know-it-all" is gonna be filled with fishing, friends and Fun! FISH ON!:cool:
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I haven't posted anything here becasue I haven't fished since the middle of October! Kind of a bummer, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I post reports just about everytime I have gone fishing, whether its bass, salmon, steel , whatever, no matter how successful I was. I just feel a duty to post a report after I have gotten so much info from other members of the site, whether it is about conditions, rigging, fly tying, or whatever. I think the rules are pretty clear: don't name small tribs, and no specific holes.
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My pictures do more to prove that "even a blind chicken get's a kernal of corn once in a while", than they would ever do bragging ;)
I agree that names of rivers, lakes or whatever are unnecessary expecially on the web. I know several disagree with me and that's fine.
I can see that some people want to share with some others on this site. I love looking at fish pics too!! You have to keep in mind that each thread is viewed many many times. By others who have not posted on the thread.

For example, I want to let some know I got some fish in River X. I post on it. They reply and I see 3,243 views. Who did I share with?
Please, keep stories and pics coming but I do not need to know where you were....

My .02
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Mickey and others of like thought.

I agree! Keep the pics and stories coming, but refrain from naming rivers and lakes, especially the smaller bodies of water. A general comment on the larger waters is okay, but give no specific holes. I've been guilty of this on the Big M at Tippy Dam.
I think posts are great. How about newbies? By reading reports and maybe even putting newbies into YOUR precious fish they may continue the sport which means money put back into the economy and money for state of Michigan that can go back into the streams!!! Enhancing your fishing not hindering. I can tell you from fly-fishing alot of differnt states and Canada, Michigan and other local organizations does alot for it's rivers. Sounds good to me. It also teaches ediquitte and conservation. IGNORANCE IS BLISS> B.S. The more aware we are the better off.
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As a new member of this forum but a longtime silent observer I can say that the opinion of the individuals who think this posting situation is detrimental to the rivers, their smaller tributaries and the overall fishing conditions are wrong.

These forums provide a perfect environment to EDUCATE the general public about a PUBLIC resource. These resources face MUCH BIGGER problems when they are underutilized and/or un-recognized by the general public. The more that the public is brought up to date on key issues and situations the more support they will throw towards those issues.

Although, sharing “secrets” and “honey-holes” puts unwanted pressure on an individual’s PUBLIC not private fishing domain the few that are going to abuse this information are going to abuse the fishing areas anyway.

Educating someone new to the sport (and yes even letting them catch a fish) allows you as a conservative forum to teach the correct way to treat these resources. A person educated in this way is far more likely to leave the location better than they found it, catch and release spawning fish and throw their vote to the side of the waterways when asked to do so.

An individual who is stonewalled and treated as if he/she isn’t part of the “members-only” club is far more likely to want to abuse the resource and “take what’s owed him” when given the chance. Individuals who walk away from the sport disenfranchised will stay away from your holes, sure, but their support will be lost as well.

You can look back at the discussions that occur/occurred as authors published books on the rivers and you will see the same issues. Are the rivers worse off since then? I would like to stress that as the waterways face more and more pressure, more and more support will be necessary, and your “honey-holes” will be filed in for condos if you don’t continue to promote and better the sport.

Will this cost you your “private” fishing barrel to shoot fish out of. Boo Hoo.

Keep posting, if your spot gets fished off, I can guarantee you that there is a better hole around the bend.
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BIZ-E I work for a company that's busiest time is now til feb. I miss reading and posting, but mostly fishing. If anyone has a good spot where I can see or even hook steel between now and mid Jan, please send me a pm.

Can't wait to hit the river again.

Oh, I plan to post a year long memory deal but need some time, I bagged a nice doe on Thanksgiving morn- she said "yes" and now I'm engaged and pretty excited.

See you all on the rivers!

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Welcome to Michigan Sportsman.com

Your input and inclusion in these forums can only be a plus for the rest of us.
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