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Where to hunt for rabbits

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Ive been hunting near byron center for rabbits on private land and not doing very successfully with only spotting one rabbit. My buddy and i went up to cannonsburg state area yesterday for rabbits nothing and i mean nothing. So what i am asking if anybuddy can tell me a place where theres an abudnace of rabbits thats on public land within 30-45 min away from grand rapids
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A buddy of mine and I hunted yankee springs a few years ago. There's a ton of state hunting land over there. I would really consider checking out the fencerows and low pine woodlots. Sorry that I don't remember any roads, but I'm not from around there. One thing I do remember seeing is a lot of wildlife.
Got mine yesterday. Awesome. I appreciate the link 7mm...

Can't believe there is a company actually giving something away for free and it is legitmate!!


Yankee Springs has some excellent rabbit habitat. It's just west of Hastings.
I do mine in the east 20 acres out back of the home,... lots of tall grass and corn stalk stuble.
Yeah last year I had the same problem I couldn't find the rabbits but this year myself and my buddy limited out on our first hunt down in southwest michigan. Kind of poor shootin' like 10 for 18 or something... They are definitely out there.
What are you guys talking about!! There absolutely no rabbits in Yankee Springs whatsoever;) :D :p .
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