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We debated a bit about going because of the wind forecast. We decided to go this morning and left a half hour later then we normally do.

We got to the ramp and could see the lake was already bumpy but fish-able. Out we went. Off shore the wave had increased and we were looking at many threes, fours and maybe even fives mixed in. We went straight out and made a turn to go with the wind.

My dad had mentioned he didn't think he could take much of this (remember he's 84). I told him when he was ready to go to just say so.

We got the rod ready and I told my dad to just drive and I would set. BOY What I didn't know coming at this time...

I stood at the back of the rocking boat for an hour just trying to get lines set. As soon as I would grab the second or third rod the others would fire. Silver bass mostly but we got a few walleyes and a Steelie in the rush. The walleyes I would reel in to where we could see what they were and then my dad would take over the rod and I was net man. Steelies he got his hands on the rods quicker. On some of the rollers the boat would lurch forward so fast that all the drags would be going out on the reels.

We only made on down wind pass and decided to quit. MY dad had enough at this time and we also had two steelies and 12 walleyes in the box. Total distance covered on the water was just shy of 13 miles.

Blue Dolphin spoons, size 0 dipseys. Line out had not changed from either of my other reports.

No pictures today water was too rough to try that with only two people on the boat. The size of the walleyes was smaller then our last trip also but all were nice fish. The steelies were both about 8 lbs.

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