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What's a lot of hours for a motor?

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I am looking at an 02 boat with a 225 Yamaha with approx. 240 hours on it. Is this a lot of hours? It seemed like a lot to me but I guess I'm not totally sure. What do you think?

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I do that in 2 months. Plus, its a Yammi. That is the motor to get!
50 hours a year is average. yammys are almost bullet proof.
50 is probably norm, if you don't troll.

One weekend of Trolling:
Friday nite: quick 4 hr trip
Sat Morning: 6 hrs
Sat nite: 6 hrs
Sunday Morning: 6 hrs
I think 240 hrs is barely broken in.
Bout a nice years worth.
Thanks for the info. It's a real nice ride, but I was just concerned about the hours. Again, thanks.

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