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What to plant?

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The owner of the hunting property I lease is going to pasture some cattle on the grass field area of the lease.
Right now there is no forage for the deer, save the oaks and a few beech and wild browse.
The field is about 25-35 high and dry acres with a few wooded peninsila's and is bordered by woods and river bottom.
Is there anything we can plant that will:
A. Be a deer magnet?
B. Benifit from the cattle browsing on it?
Thanks for any imput.
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In most instances cattle pastures and grazing areas are not good for deer hunting. Cattle will strip the area clean leaving nothing much for the deer. Anything you plant in a food plot the cattle will gobble up and ruin. This is why savvy hunters specify in the lease where cattle grazing may and may not occur. It can really affect the hunting value and lease value of a property.
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