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What to plant

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I am going to be planting 4 new plots consisting of about half AC each(more if needed). I would like to have both spring and fall plantings. What would you guys plant in each plot. I have about 120 Ac to hunt mostly open land with woods joining. The open land is in CRP. The property is located in North West Michigan (Hillman). I am new to the great state of Michigan.


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Thank you, I will be taking some soil samples to test for PH.
I have had about 12 years of food plot experiance but that was down in South Georgia. The climate is a little different in North Michigan, so I feel that I am starting over as far a food plot knowledge goes. The area is mostly woods and CRP. Not much crop land in the area that I have to hunt. Are you speaking of rye grass? I have grown rye in the south but not rye grass. I do have experiance with Oats and Turnips.

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Sounds like a great plan. I planted AWP in September in South Georgia. When would I want to plant them in North Michigan??
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