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What to plant

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I am going to be planting 4 new plots consisting of about half AC each(more if needed). I would like to have both spring and fall plantings. What would you guys plant in each plot. I have about 120 Ac to hunt mostly open land with woods joining. The open land is in CRP. The property is located in North West Michigan (Hillman). I am new to the great state of Michigan.


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First- I am not a plot expert- but I think you will find that if you take a soil test and find the make up and PH level of the soil you will have better luck in finding what to plant. There are many here with far more experience in growing plots that I though- so I am sure they may have suggestions.

Welcome by the way!
Thank you, I will be taking some soil samples to test for PH.
After the ph tests, get the book Ultimate Deer Food Plots. If you are new to planting food plots I would suggest that you start with the easiest to grow plants. These include rye, oats, turnips, and buckwheat. Make exclusion cages to see your difference in and out of the cage.

Are there crops in your area? This could be a big factor determining what you should plant. My area is all woods and it is incredible what an acre of turnips or rye can do to see more deer.
I have had about 12 years of food plot experiance but that was down in South Georgia. The climate is a little different in North Michigan, so I feel that I am starting over as far a food plot knowledge goes. The area is mostly woods and CRP. Not much crop land in the area that I have to hunt. Are you speaking of rye grass? I have grown rye in the south but not rye grass. I do have experiance with Oats and Turnips.

Thanks for the help,

Keep it coming

I plant field rye, not ryegrass. rye will not form a sod. If your soil is not very sandy and your ph is good, you can use winter wheat and oats instead of rye. If I had 4 plots each being 1/2 acre I would plant

1. Turnips in July (cheap route is purple tops and dwarf essex rape) or (more expensive route is biologic maximum for taller plants)
2. Mix of rye and oats planted the last week of August or the first week of September.
3. Clover if your ph is 6.2 to 7.0 and your soil is not too sandy. You could kill weeds with roundup a couple of times and plant late August or better yet use and oat or turnip field for a cover crop. You can also frost seed in March next year.
4. Either Austrian winter peas or something tall such as sorghum, sunflowers and corn.

Good luck and good hunting.
Sounds like a great plan. I planted AWP in September in South Georgia. When would I want to plant them in North Michigan??
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