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What is the best Flasher ? Or is something better ?

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until it was stollen out my truck I had a Vexlar and was just learning how to use it.....that was four years ago. Wanting to get what is used today.
Any thoughts ?
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Check out a Humminbird Helix Ice. I can see a #12 demon glow in 60’ of water. it also comes with a transducer for a boat.

I had a Vexilar FL 12 and it was sold due to liking the Humminbird better.
Yeah, flashers are cool, but it is OLD tech.

Any sonar is better, IMO. I really have grown used to the "history" too where you don't have to stare at the screen the whole time. You can see if something popped in for a couple seconds before it scrolls past, just like on a sonar on a boat. Plus no moving parts to break at the first time you drop it.

Lowrance is my personal preference, but Humminbird makes great stuff too and Garmin is in the game too.
wife has a helix ice i have a vexilar 28 both are great units..hers has more choices of screens but i like the vex i had a fl18 for 9 years an upgraded to the 28
Just bought a Garmin striker 5 from someone on on this forum. Attached it to a plastic ammo box so it’s easy to carry when hole hopping. Also looking forward to using on the kayak/ pontoon. Has everything I need and more.

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I used to own a Vexilar, this year I switched to a Humminbird Helix 7 ice unit.

Night & day difference, the Helix 7's mapping capabilities alone have allowed me to fish so much more effectively.
A month ago i saw an underwater camera called an EYOYO, on amazon, looked at reviews , all pretty good, got one for $115 bucks, This thing works like a charm it has a rechargable battery, comes with an awsome case.I've caught a LOT more fish than i've ever done before, no more leaning over, i set the camera on the bottom aiming at my lure, or lures, and watch the perch come in, small perch, i pull the lure away, BIG perch, i work the lure/minnow so the big perch can get to it.I'm shocked how well it works.I've seen suckers, walleye, mudpuppys, catfish, shad, i mean to be honest, if it lasted one year, it would have been worth the purchase, and the picture on the screen is absolutely awsome......check them out.Heck, i think just in what i've saved on lost bait and catching dinks.has paid for the thing. lol, One tip, leave the battery unplugged, when you set it up, just plug in the battery and its good to go.Great product.
It has a light, i don't recommend using it, as it does run the battery down, and i've tried the light, no need to use it.
Battery lasts for almost 2 days.on a charge.
I would for deeper fishing sonar is better but for lsc and and all the shallow fishing I prefer a camera. The areyou plenty of benefits over sonar imo.
1. You will see the actual fish so you can see species guess at size and see what else is following behind.
2. You get to watch fish react to your baits and how your fishing them and learn much quicker what's going on that particular day.
3. Scouting. Drill a hole drop it in and take a peek if you don't like what you see move on.
Those are my main reasons for camera over sonar and I believe it has made me a much better fisherman over the years. Not to mention all the days I out fished my buddies because I had it. A good example in the marina next to ginos we were on gills but they were biting so light you could barely tell but I could see with the camera. This lead to me limiting out and my 2 buddies only combined for 8.

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Bad thing about cameras is they are useless during the prime times.
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Huh, you lost me on this one.I drop mine on the bottom, aim it at my lure, or lures, when ice fishing, i've learned a TON from watching.Got some awsome vids of mudpuppys after my minnow.The last three days, i've limited out on perch, NICE big perch.If i had not had this camera, there's no way i'd have gotten half of what i caught.And some of the things i see down there are amazing.....And to be honest its very cool to watch it as i'm fishing, I had two mudpuppys under my ice hole, guarding my bait as i dropped it, if a perch tried to grab the minnow, the mudpuppys would lung at the perch, luckily, i had my limit and was just finishing up.....but what a great tool.....
Bad thing about cameras is they are useless during the prime times.
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I guess I should have said low light conditions and darkness. A sonar works regardless of water clarity or light. Cameras are fun for sure but have more limitations is all I'm saying
I have an FL-28 and it’s amazing. With the zoom function fishing 40ft is just like fishing 6’. The separation and 5 color display is a major improvement from my fl8.

My buddy is running the new Helix and that thing is super nice. First time I’ve ever considered switching to a graph.
I've had so many perch in the camera, i couldn't hardly see my lure to wait for the big one to come by.A flasher, i have never used, but how in the heck, could you see through even ten perch and pic out the big one.I fish from 8 or 10 to darkish.in afternoon.I can watch my lure, if a big one comes in view i work to keep it away from the dinks and hook the larger one.I have to say, these big fish are so shy, i'd never have caught but one, but using that camera, i ve learned a trick or maybe three.Check out the eyoyo, camera on amazon.it's cheaper, nice case, and works great, hell i should sell them i guess lol.....
i just looked, the 7 inch screen is $140 bucks......works great.
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