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What Channel?

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Now that the season is upon us, I just thought that I would bring this up. I know that last year we pretty much agreed to have our FRS radios on channel 8 so we could talk to each other and check to see if there were any other Michigan Sportsmen at our favorite fishin' hole. Does everyone want to keep channel 8 as our " home " channel?......Patch
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I can do that. Believe my Talkabout 250 will work just fine.

Channel 8 is as good as any for me. See no reason to change it from last year. Sounds like a plan.

For those of you that have a channel within a channel, it's channel 8-0......Patch
Like Mike said in another post { "I hate change!" }
Glad that you're not using one of the privacy subcodes, I have an older unit that doesn't have the subcode option. I use mine with folks who have newer models and as long as they're on 8(or any channel)-0 I can communicate with them. Thanks!:cool:
my frs are set on ch. 8. when I remember to bring them.

Did ya get your own this year????? So now, you can warn us when the mad deer come running for us!!!LOL
Does everyone want to keep channel 8 as our " home " channel?......Patch
No! Upgrade is needed here. Many of the new FRS/GMRS radios which have a higher output for longer distance communications only support FRS channels 1-7 and GMRS channels 8-15 (which are not the same frequency as the FRS channels). I would strongly suggest that we use FRS channel 7 with subcode 0. That way we would be backwards compatible with the old radios as well as being compatible with most new FRS/GMRS combos.

Some of the new FRS/GMRS radios DO have the capability to transmit on all the FRS channels to make this matter even more complicated, but other FRS/GMRS radios do not.

See http://www.southernce.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/frecomp.htm?E+scstore for one example.

Or: http://www.gmrsweb.com/gmrsinter.html

I had meant to bring this up earlier but forgot.
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Only one problem Steve. Some might have old two-ways with Ch. A&B which is Ch. 8 & 12. If no one has these, then no big deal. I know I have four of them. But also have 2 of the other ones.
I can go either way. Just need to know which most will be on. So will watch the posts and see what majority do.

i was just thinking of this the other day steve this could be a problem channel 7 may have to be a new one for us maybe a big sticky post if we do decide this
My FRS is laying on the bottom of the Grand. It fell off during the Lunker Derby. KERPLUNK!!!:eek: :eek:

Whatever channel you guys want to use is fine....but until I get my replacement, I'll just yell really loud WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS!!!!!
lol Chris, thats why i couldn't hail ya when i was workin there..... don't worry, you are in good company with wet radios.... right IFN!!! LOL

I would think there wouldn't be too many people with the A&B channel radios as their primary radio anymore. Heck you can just about get a fully featured FRS in a cerial box these days ;)
Bass Pro/Outdoor World has a cheapy FRS for $14.95! Its made by Bell South, they also have two different models of Midland FRS twin packs on sale for $49.95 & 69.95. Although IMHO there not as good as the Motorola Talkabout 250's they'd be great to find other M-S''ers on the ice! :eek:

Note: If you dont have a FRS/Walkie Talkie you could try and bait one (M-S'er) in by popping the top of a wobbly pop! :D
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So......let me get this straight

its gonna be 7-0 right?
We need to figure out a channel so I'm not talking to myself (wrong channel) at upcoming outings.
8-0 8-0 8-0 8-0

everyone got it? no change from the previous year or two. there, settled.

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