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What beer are you drinking now?

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I tried this tonight. It tastes good, but as a bock it is disappointing. It tastes more like a porter.
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A maple porter that we brewed with 32 oz of maple syrup i made last spring. Put in right at the end of the boil. Its a little lighter in color and flavor but I like it View attachment 793163

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Don't bother. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. Leiney used to have a Creamy Dark that I liked. Took a gamble on this, but it is just bland. Many better choices.
How about the beer I wish was drinking. That would be the James Street Brown from the Ludington Bay Brewing Company. Whenever I'm near Ludington it's a "must stop for one" kind of situation.
Another one of my favorites
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Yards Philthy IPA
I saw a couple 3 Floyd's in the last page. When did that happen? Jaw dropped when I saw one of my all time faves at the local beer store last week!
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The first pic is a chocolate Java porter and the second is a Bells expedition stout clone
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The last Oktoberfest of the season.
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Not sure if this counts as a beer but it's pretty dang good.
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This one is a rich one. Worth the price of admission. A home run.

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Found this last year. Haven't seen it sold by me, know it's seasonal and all.... but of course, sold at a gas station in Hale right by DEER CAMP.

As good as it gets!

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got one out of tfb's private reserve...bottled nov 15 2019.
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From my reserve, bottled 8-28-2018
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