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What beer are you drinking now?

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I tried this tonight. It tastes good, but as a bock it is disappointing. It tastes more like a porter.
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Yes my bad,Winter White, also
Blue Moon...

QUOTE="hypox, post: 6205158, member: 71"]It's actually Bell's Winter White.

Good stuff![/QUOTE]
It's actually Bell's Winter White.

Good stuff!
It's actually Bell's Winter White.

Good stuff!
Back on the good old Bells 2 Hearted, waiting to get some Winter Wheat!
Yeah Oberon day was a while back but it's been cold and I haven't had one yet.

I'm right here in Bells backyard, I pretty much like every beer that they brew!

I'll have some soon, I alternate between Oberon Two Hearted in a winter wheat!

But they're so potent half the time I have to drink less potent beer so it doesn't hurt so bad the next day!

Them are tasty when did they start brewing them again last month? I don't drink them often I like my IPAs and summer shandys now and again. I remember my high school auto body teacher loved Oberon that's literally the only beer he would drink.
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After Drinking many wonderful craft beers mostly Bells (oberon, two hearted,winter wheat,amber ale) I like any Bell's beer I've ever drank!

It was kicking my a-- too much...

Ive switched to Coors lite, I can actually function the next day.
I must be getting old, and I drink beer too fast!
I am on a low no carb diet so I'm back to Michelob ultra, when I really want winter white or two hearted!

I suppose if I'm really serious about it I can't drink beer anymore, which will make me grumpier old man!

I look forward to my two beers on Friday night! Does that make me a weekend alcoholic?o_O

But to everything there is a season!
OH man I screwed up again! I thought this was a general post and now we have a specific area for microbrewery, and I go and bring up Michelob ultra! So sorry all!
I still love Bell's beer best of all, I like almost all of them!
Oberon and 2hearted has ruined my taste for any lite beer!
Where can I buy some of that beer, I need a bottle, for my basement wall as well!

How do you like the beer, I'm in Southwest Michigan I wonder if they sell it around here?

Part of our deer hunting camp is headed to the UP, I asked them to pick me some up if they saw any looks like it's from Marquette Michigan,
I really want couple of those bottles on my basement wall!

I got it at Plum Market in Ann Arbor. Only place I've seen it.
Yes, they told me they already found some on westbound us 2, east of Escanaba!

Ought to be able to find it somewhere up there. When we were up over the summer we found Ore Dock bottles we usually don't see down here.

And it's really good!
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Bell's Two Hearted and Molson Canadian, yes you guessed it expensive and cheap!
I wish I had the handle
up beer guy
Bottle Drinkware Liquid Beer Tableware
been one hell of a week and I wish I was
up at camp in Dickinson County anyway in about a half hour I'll be drinking one of these maybe five! Have a great weekend all
NONE mama has got me on a diet!o_O

"I sobered up and I got to thinking Girl You Ain't Much Fun Since I quit drinking!"
Don't Laugh!
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A maple porter that we brewed with 32 oz of maple syrup i made last spring. Put in right at the end of the boil. Its a little lighter in color and flavor but I like it View attachment 793163

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This is turned out to be my favorite this year!
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? No idea what that is🙃

Can't take the coriander in the Belgian beers. Cheers!
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