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What beer are you drinking now?

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I tried this tonight. It tastes good, but as a bock it is disappointing. It tastes more like a porter.
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Just found this thread. In TC- workshop is my #1 stop. Good beers with even better food. Live in BC and Tri-City is my go to stop. Since its summer, becoming a once a week stop and can't leave without a six or growler fill. Am hooked on their Vienna Lager but think they are up to 20 beers on tap. And just released their Loons Summer -one of the best beers with fish and using to make beer batter.
TriCity just tapped their Hefeweizen....its as close to beers when I was in Germany. Then made a pitcher of lemonade. 2/3 Hefe, 1/3 lemonade, add a few ice cubes and its the best Raddler (shandy) ever!
Chiming in on 2 things. Big fan of the Grandads Root Beer from posts above. But 1 is enough. But even harder just to find it in stock at Meijer, Kroger or 2 party stores.
Topic #2 is Traveler Grapefruit Shandy. Very refreshing! Better than Leinenkugels. But again 1 or 2 and that's about it for my palette.
Round Barn has fantastic wines and beers get better and better. Biggest surprise is their grape vodka - some if the smoothest around. Bottle has been a Christmas gift for my Dad 3 years running.
Where do you get sushi like that "to go?"
Just back from Nashville.
Made a stop at Yazoo Brewery.
Brought home 12 pack of there Hefeweizen, as close to what I had in Germany as I've found.
Number of beers we sampled we're outstanding.
Look em up if ever hit up Country Music City
Recently made a trip down to Houston, TX to visit a buddy. Got hooked on a local brew. Ziegenbock
Think Shiner but even smoother.
Was fortunate enough to get "a few" shipped up to me.
Amazingly good stuff!

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Pic #1 is single shelf of what I brought home after taking a trip to the UP last week came home with a few that I had at local establishments
kewanaw, Upper Hand& Ore Dock Brewing....and agree on the Birdwalker from Stormcloud, that someone else posted.

Pic #2 of the loaded fridge
Top shelf are beers a buddy of mine brought back for me from Texas (except the Upper Hand Light)

And...if anyone ever gets to Houston.
St. Arnold's Brewing is a MUST STOP!!!
Great brews, great food and a beer hall that's gotta be 50'x120'

But majority of bottles and cans are Ziegenbock. Brewed in Texas (only sold in Texas as well). Think Shiner Bock as they are very similar but this just seems to be a bit creamier.

Amazing buddy I've got. Just hurts when the fridge is empty!!!
Enjoy what your drinking, I will for a few more weeks! Cheers

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Found this last year. Haven't seen it sold by me, know it's seasonal and all.... but of course, sold at a gas station in Hale right by DEER CAMP.

As good as it gets!

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