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West Side Trib...

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Fished a west side trib a little over a week ago (sorry for the late report, but have just been working to much to type this up) with some success. The air temp was 43 degrees! Forgot my thermometer, so I'm not sure on the water temp. The mild temps were obviously noticed by most other anglers too because there were a total of 8 cars parked between two different landings. Anyway, the water level was actually a bit high and pretty dirty. Visibility was less than 2'. I fished from 9:30am - 11:30am, throwing nymphs and nukes. I landed two small bows on the nymph pattern and one small male (5-6lbs) on the nuke. He was a pretty active little fella and had some of the most beautiful colorings that I've seen in a long time, slightly tainted silver sides with the mild rainbow striping. That was it for the day. Boy, it sure was nice to get out and stretch a line. I don't think spring can get here soon enough!

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Actually, these temps are almost cold enough for Toto and I to go fishing a NW Michigan river again. We LOVE those temps that are well below zero.........LOL!
At least you won't need a boat. Ice skates maybe, but not a boat. Ice skating should be the final test for the hip.:D

BTW, I finally got my Woods N Water today. Nice read. I see I got your better side in the photo.:p
At least you have waders on to hide anything that shouldn't be seen in print or film.;)

It was nice to see the pic though, it brought back memories of a nice day on the water. I guess that was the point of the article though.
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