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Made my way over to the west side this weekend to wet a line. Stopped by a few different flows and really didn't do much at any of them. Weekend tally was (2) suckers and (5) rainbows, with only (1) steelie hooked.....and lost. Water levels were great! Nice to see some decent flow for a change. The water still had a light tint from the high water and Friday's rain. Didn't have my thermometer so I didn't take a water temp, but it still "felt" pretty chilly. By Saturday afternoon the wind made things a bit difficult. Try throwing and mending fly line in a 20-30 mph wind. I think I got more of a bend in my rod from the wind than I did the rainbows! Regardless it was nice to get out. Shouldn't be too much longer before we get a decent push.


p.s. I caught both suckers and (2) rainbows on a nuke. The other (3) rainbows came on a brown / cream nymph. Not sure what the steelie hit, he "escaped" before I could get a look.
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