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The competition's heating up in west michigan fields (whitehall/montague area). I've been hunting several fields for 8 years and have never seen the amount of trucks with binos sticking out of them on the night before. On one hand, good to have people hunting, one the other....

Well it's better to have a plan B. After I arrived at my intended wheat field at 5 am -- which I have sole permission on -- I found two trucks in the field. We talked, they were edgy, knew they didn't have permission and were setting up in the wrong spot anyway. I wasn't going to hassle with them or try to get the landowner to do some tresspassing complaint. I don't want the farmers thinking this hunting thing is a hassle.

I went across the road to a low wheat field I also had permission on. I had invited another truck to come with me (another set of bino boys). These guys were reasonable though and just wanted to hunt.

So we did. Not sure how it happened (karma?) but we managed to slide nearly all the flocks off the X field to ours. Had a three-man limit in 50 minutes. It was sweet to be pulling out of there with the other boys standing up in their spread -- even better that a group of about 30 geese were in the field right where we would have been set up. I think they shot two seperate times.

I'd post some pics but I don't know how. Is there a tutorial post somewhere?

Well as I reread this I can see I must be just as competitive as everyone else but I do: 1) stay safe and polite, 2) pick up trash, and, most importantly 3) never hunt where I don't have permission.

Good luck to all , stay outta my fields ;).

Shoot em in the face.
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