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west branch

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what are good lakes to ice fish around west branch?
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George lk.,Lake George.,Clear,Sage,Rifle,Peach,Hardwood,Au Sable lk,Elk,Indian,Mud,Tee.............
My buddy and I did well a couple of times last year on the north end of secord lake.
Lake St Helen is the next exit up from West Branch and is a great pike lake and a good panfish lake and has walleye. Go west on M-55 and turn north on Old 76 and you will see Malcolm's Tackle just before town and Bluegill's as you leave town.

Ken Martin
Lake Ogemaw is a good lake for pike .Its a private lake about 15 minutes east of west branch.Some days you might get 20 or more flags. Winter time park at the marina next to the store. Only have to walk 60 yards and will do alright. Winter time the lake assotiation does not bother you . It also has bluegills and crappie but you have to fight the little ones to get the keepers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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