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Well I did it today

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Put the ice fishing gear away today. Everything, but it is all accesable just in case ;) Thinking of Steelhead moved me to put the hard water gear away, and start getting everything ready for the rivers. Well they have been ready, just waiting. So all the ice gear is put away for the rest of year until things start to freeze up again next winter. It bums me out because I didn't get a chance to ice fish that much this year (panfish wise), but that's my own fault, correct? But I had decent year on the river, bringing home a total of 5 'eyes this year, could have mis-counted, but that sounds about right. I did play around on Haithco park, and up at my parents place on Ross Lake, but most fish were small gill's and a couple bass. Here is a few pics of my catch this year on the Saginaw River alone. Their is only a total of 4 walleye pictured, but their was one that I didn't get a pic of.

Good luck to those of you who are still at it, and be safe. With this weekends forcasted temps, the ice and snow will disapear
:( Besides that little frown, I am ready for the snow and ice to go. Definatly ready for spring and steelie fishing :)
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I feel your pain, I put my stuff away too. I will be hitting Omer for some suckers. (I don't keep them it is just for fun);)
So what you are saying Dale.....
is that I should email pics of this weekend's buckets of hardwater crappie .....directly to you! Ok just kidding how come I always come across sounding mean? Anyway, good fishin with ya on the ice this year, I still think You owe yourself ONE fifty degree day on the ice!
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Hey Scott,

Now why would you do that?? :D That would be cruel, but........yeah go for it, lol.
Had a post ready to go last night and just could not do it. Hard to put the ice gear away but some how the thought of open water has a way of softening the blow! Just read an article in Woods and Water about my home port-Augres. Makes me feel better. Be safe guys-the posts I am reading are not sounding very good. Hope to see some of you on the water later on. Boat name is -- Dream Catcher
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Yeah i'm considering road trips to extend my ice season, for some reason the river itch hasn't hit me, I may skip right to summer fishin. Should be lots of good ice up north for a few weeks.
i feel your pain...been over a year for me , but wade fishing this last week-end... SURE WAS FUN :D ... NEAL.. are you home yet:cool: :D :cool:
I'm with you Dale. Tomorrow is my last day and it's time to get the Hyde ready for spring.:)
Yep,us northern boys agree with you southern boys, put away your ice fishing stuf!
NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!, well, OK it's time to steelhead!
the southern boys always go north and show ya how it's done:D LOL
You guys are putting it away way too early. lake st.clair's ice may be iffy by this week, but, anywhere north of that should be fine, espeissially above the northern lower...they should be good well into march
Yeah I might be early, but this time of year, the sight of a steelhead is far more appealing to me than some gill, crappie, perch or walleye. Everything is in the attic above the garage within arms reach. So if I need to hit the ice, I can :)
Yeah, the next couple weeks are my favorite for icefishing. Like Scottyhoover said, you owe youself a couple days of icefishing in 50+ degree weather! Was on North Lake in Chelsea last night and I'd guess 14-15 inches of ice left there, and I think this weekend isn't going to get rid of all that. Let the fun begin!
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I'm with ya, Rich!
Nothing like icefishing in a sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up and getting a suntan!
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