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Welcome Fast Ed

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can we have a big MS Sportsman welcome for my buddy Fast Ed
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Welcome aboard Fast Ed !

Glad to have you here. You'll be addicted before long.... But it's a HEALTHY addiction. :)
Take jpollman's word for it. Actually, I thought I was going to have the honor of being your first welcoming post, but I took a moment to go to the member's registry to be sure I wasn't just missing some TONGA humor (especially with his new 'signature'). By the time I got back the Budster had beat me to it. I am almost certain he spends more time on this site than I do, which is remarkable in itself! Again, welcome. I look forward to reading of your adventures.
Oh No,,,, Look out,,,, Eddie's here!!!!!:D

Welcome aboard Ed, lots of great people here, with lots of info!!!! (still wondering why they let me on here!!!:rolleyes: )
(still wondering why they let me on here!!! )
Its really simple Mike..... COMIC RELEIF!!!:D :D :D

Welcome Ed
Welcome to the ice floe Ed....now you also can start dreading the withdrawl sysptoms you're gonna have when the ice clears out. To say this board is addicting is an understatment......Glenn
Welcome aboard Ed...Was gonna wait 'til you made a post, looking forward to hearing from you. Hey ice fishin nut, you obviously know Ed, tell us a little about him please.
Thanks guys for the nice welcome to the sports site. I will be looking forward to talking to you ice fishing nuts around Lake St. Clair in the next week. I would have got on last night but me & Tonga had some major problems with my snowmobile not wanting to start. It's nice this Tonga dude knows his two cycle motors. BIG THANKS TONGA!!!!!!!!!!!
No problem,,,but now we have to go pick up the other sled!!
more fun!!
ed give me a call when you head out see ya soon
I need you & the two dollar man to bring my shanty over to the Raft today. I got the sled running & I'm ready to stab some perch. Get a hold of TONGA asap.
Hey Ed ,,Two Dollar Ron is trying to get a tire put on his truck,,he got a flat on the bay yesterday then he drove it to shore,,and well the tire is junk,,,dicount says they will have a new 35er on his truck by 1:00,,,,they had to have one sent over from another store!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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