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Wednesday mourning, I woke up to this on my door.

I only had one class wednesday and I was hoping to get into the perch good sometime this week so I could maybe take home dinner next week. After class, I asked probably 20-25 kids to go but everyone was either working or had class. My friend said I could use his ice fishing stuff anytime I wanted to I picked up and left.

After several attempts on trying to find that access, i finally did and found a parking lot with no body in it but 2 feet of snow. Switched my blazer into 4 week drive and plowed through the stuff. It was a nice day with no winds and I decided dragging the shanty out would be nothing but a waste. I was already out there later then I wanted to be so I set out with my bucket of minnows and bucket of fishing stuff.

I picked a spot not so far off from shore. Right off the bat, I nailed a small perch but that was all she wrote for another half hour. I had several other hits but missed them. One time I was setting up my other rod and the other rod was doubled over. By the time I set the hook, it was gone. Then it really started getting cold and I turned on the heater, but that didn't help much at all. The fish had turned off so I gave it another 5 minutes and one struck. The fish was the same size as the first, about 5 inches. So down the hole it went. Both fish hit a jig with 2 green smallish circles on it. They both had minnows on it. This had been our hottest jig/minnow lately. The wind then picked up so I decided to pack it out. When I pulled lines, they got so cold, I had to drag them back to shore.

Now here is the interesting part. After I pulled lines, and set up for my 4-5 hundred yard walk back to my truck, it felt like hour to get back to my truck and when I did, I dropped my stuff and jumped in my truck. My heart was rushing a million miles an hour. Sorta scary. I need to prepare better next time. I went to take a few pictures but my camera was acting up.

Here our some pics from sat:
The first fish, lol

Our views!

Got snowing pretty darn good:p

The beginning of the walk back to the truck.

The start of dinner!

Hopefully I will be out sometime this week.
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