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Wed. pm trip

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Heading out w/ my dad somewhere Wed. afternoon. Probably will go to Crocker launch. Just wondering how much slush and water was on the ice today. We will be on foot and don't want to work him to hard. I don't think he's up for the walk all the way out to the pack, but maybe we can get into a few a little closer in.
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I was tentatively planning on being there tomorrow afternoon and thought I'd offer you a ride on my way out...I don't mind helping someone out.....but I saw the wind forcast and called a buddy of mine...we have west winds tomorrow and he said a couple of cracks had opened up a few inches earlier today in front of selfridge that were not open when he went out in the afternoon. I'm bummed out about my plan being messed up by the west wind...but I'm not gonna go that far out from Crocker with a west wind....I'm gonna have to go to Fair Haven
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