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we live in the garden of eden [erie report]

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heres tightlines [and rosie] with our 12...10 US and 2 qweensfish on the way in...band aids on two fingers...one gill cut and one hook clean through a finger:lol: ...the gill cut is the worse injury:gaga: ...all thanks to great posters who have put info on this board [h laker :cool: is a hero]...today we tried lake erie [3 yrs since last erie trip] i think we were in front of stony pt but im not sure...we picked out some structure on a chart and dropped in on fish...saw a large group of locals about a mile away...had 6 by the time we trolled in there...they were there for a reason...fish still hittin when we tried to drag up...what a state michigan is...

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id also like to say that the contrast between todays benign and harmless conditions and the tragedy that happened last week was striking and on our minds all day...i dont think i'll ever fish erie without thinking about it.
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