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We had 3 days of riding. Arrived Friday night. They had a thaw Friday like everyone except the arctic. Not to bad though, Looks like it got to the mid thirties.

Day 1
Woke up the temp was 22 F. Roads in town were showing some cement. our hotel was about 100 yards from the trail. Once we hit the trails it was FANTASTIC! They have a lot of snow. I stepped off the trail a couple times and the snow was over my knees. Trails are groomed to perfection. They get very little traffic. When I say very little I mean it. First day we rode 125 miles. We saw NO sleds for the first 110! Temps reached about 31-32 F. Sunny. Just great riding. Did the Dubreuilville loop.

Day 2
Woke up to fresh snow. Snowed much of the day. It is a fine powder. Blowing hard. They got 5-6 inches I would estimate. Cold, about 8 F. Rode all the local Wawa trails, some twice. These are very nice. Very pretty country. Did the Badlands. 125 miles. saw 5-6 sleds all day.

Day 3
Very cold. Rode another 125 miles. Did Dubreuilville loop again but added some variation, by going north of Dubreuilville towards Hornepayne, and running back on the Magpie reservoir. Saw more sleds this day.

Awesome 3 days. Wawa is very sled friendly.

One thing to note, though is this is not the place to go if you want to hit a lot of gas stops, bars and resturants. They are there, but far between. Rule of thumb I used was to fill up at every gas station you come to. Be prepared to help yourself if you get stuck!
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