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Wanton waste laws and bass tournaments

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The last few weekends there have been some bass tournaments on the lake. After weigh ins my brother and another buddy have driven by the launches in the evening or following day to find a bunch of real nice smallies floating belly up that weren’t able to be revived which is a shame and kinda pisses us off.

My question is, do wanton waste laws apply to bass tournaments? Very discouraging to see the awesome resources of this lake wasted and treated like garbage.
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I haven't the time on my hands to read the entire thread. Time to move on to better ways of scoring tournaments that have been used since at least the 00s. I've fished pike tournaments in which only fish who swam away counted. These folks with their 20K bass boats can afford decent live wells, and any gas station has ice.

Better yet, they can go by aggregate length, pictures of the fish measured with calibrated jig boards and object scoring, catch and immediate release, like Muskies Inc tournaments. No need to even cull then, just add up the top 5 measurements, ties go to the longest, top 2 longest, etc. fish.
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