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No apologies for this….you can piss TF off. I know the numbers of fish we catch. My brother takes his clicker with him sometimes. This spring he and a buddy caught 382 in about 8 hours. I know numbers like that are hard for a simpleton like you to understand so I won’t even try.
And a fish every 3.9 minutes is high. I usually catch 2 fish in that amount of time. And as for my numbers compared to others in our group, we have fisherman of varying skill levels. Some hood, some not so good.
So please go take your trolling out to the lake.

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I was fishing the BR hump one day couple years ago and watched a guy absolutely smoking the SMB, every cast or at least every other cast he was reeling in a fish. I have no doubt 400 in a day and half is possible if you caught at the same rate this guy was, we were having a blast just watching him catch them. Probably doesn't happen every day but Im sure it can if you know what ur doing and in the right spot.
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