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Wanton waste laws and bass tournaments

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The last few weekends there have been some bass tournaments on the lake. After weigh ins my brother and another buddy have driven by the launches in the evening or following day to find a bunch of real nice smallies floating belly up that weren’t able to be revived which is a shame and kinda pisses us off.

My question is, do wanton waste laws apply to bass tournaments? Very discouraging to see the awesome resources of this lake wasted and treated like garbage.
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Lol you mean you never inhaled. Nice one! I may have a pretty good guess on what your professions.

wow another bass argument… Enjoying fishing for this species is so bitter sweet.
The one thing that pissed me off about your stupid reply is your insinuation that my numbers are fabricated due to smoking weed.

There are 2 things in my life I’m extremely proud of.
1. I’ve never smoked a thing my life
2. I’ve never ever done a drug in my life.

Something im guessing you can’t claim. After all, your screen name is “Thehighlife”

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No, I mean I’ve absolutely 100% never done a drug or even taken a drag off a cigarette in my entire existence.
And unless I’ve updated info in my profile, you’d have no clue what I do for a living.

I don’t find bass fishing bitter sweet at all but I do find it quite enjoyable.
Carry on

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You never had a drink of alcohol… that’s a drug, maybe so. But Id also place a large sum bet that you have ingested caffeine, which in fact is a drug.

Either way all good and good for you man, fish on!
Mortality on 13 and 15” cookie cutter fish that are a few years old vs loads of trophy smallmouth? Not comparable.

it’s 21st century this can be solved with technology easily. Also Don’t have to bring them back for weigh in after water levels reach certain levels. What’s so hard about this.

Also dudes catching 400 fish ?? Why? I’ve had 40 and 50 fish days and it fun but kinda… idk boring after a while unless your trying to brag. None of that means shat.

guy holding the state record right now is from Florida, all you guys should be ashamed.
I wonder how many of those “tossed back” walleye end up dying? Or how many pounds of walleye get wantonly wasted during the annual freezer clean out - of course this would imply that people had more walleye in their freezer than is legally allowed and that doesn’t happen…. Right?

so sick of threads like this one….

signed just another basshole. And the horse you road in on.
Yea that guy. I Give him a lot of credit landing that beast. Good and lucky. I lost a monster 8 plus pounder outside perch fleet once, made one mistake and lost it.

Swear the next week saw it floating in anchor bay after big bass tournament. Could of been on my wall at least.

so maybe I found this app. It’s in testing phase, state certified fish measuring and weighing app. No Need to keep your fish, it digitally scans your fish, even has a special case for I phone. Can use it as hanging fish scale, also certified! ( up to 20lbs) you can upload directly to dnr for verification… exact!! 3D printed replica, can and will be made. After shipping to your nearest taxidermist for color. Your trophy is ready and a big fish swims on.
you mean the one caught on a night crawler from the guys dock outside his cottage on Indian river? Didn’t know he was from Florida. I’d rather be lucky than good any day.
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