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Wamplers Walleyes

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I just recently started getting back on the ice after a 15 year layoff. I haven't been out since I was 15, kind of know the basics. My neighbor moved up here from Texas and got the ice bug and gave it to me. Anyway, we've tried down by the state park with swedish pimples and minnows, but only small pike. We are on the bottom and haven't had any luck. Can anybody give me a clue?!?

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i don't know, but in looking at the stocking reports, it doesn't seem to be stocked heavily at all with walleye, maybe just try a different lake where the stocking or native population is more robust?

Welcome aboard Skidmouse! I don't know much about Wamplers or Walleye fishing for that matter but there are tons of people on this site that will be more then willing to help out.

Do you have a vexilar ? They sure do help ya find fish.

Tell that Texan he better not wear those Texas Boat shoes (cowboy boots) out on the ice. :eek:

Good Luck
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check with Knutson's bait shop in brooklyn. they will have all of the latest reports in the area.

the closest lake to you that is stocked with 'eyes is vineyard.....between wamplers lake and brooklyn on the same road. if you are going towards brooklyn, the DNR sign is onm the right side of the road.

good luck to ya'll.
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Thanks guys! Actually vin lake is just five minutes from my house with wapmlers being 10. Any sugestions on vineyard. Knutsens is a nice shop, just wish they carried guns. No vexilar yet, I have a portable hummingbird and Tex has a green box.
both lakes are overrated fishing lakes. if you ask knutson's they'll tell you different, but then again if you owned a bait shop you would hype the area lakes too.
I grue up in the area and I allways did better on vineyard. Lots of crapy north east of the ramp along the weed beds and walleyes on the south east cove just past the mouth of the cove. there are some steep drops on the south east side of the cove and a sand bar on the nort side.
I would have to agree about them hyping up the the lakes that they are close too. The guys out there told me some similiar info. I have never caught a walleye, pry cause i never fished for them though. My dad and his buddy seem to catch alot on Clark Lake. The DNR stocks it every year. I will be out there tomorrow off the old consumers launch. Black Shappell with a tobaggen in front of it. My dad claims there are some good eating size eyes in there. 15"- 20". Some bigger though
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Shoot over to Devils Lake and try for walleyes. Although I would avoid it until after the weekend. Weekday evenings are the best times out there. Very little traffic.

E mail or PM me and I can get you some GPS #'s for Devils that I used the last two years for eyes, and had pretty good success. I have not been there this year, but the last two years there wasn't a shanty within 200 yards of this spot.

Good Luck,

Captain Jay
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I'd have to agree with Cappy on this one, I believe Devils is one of the better lakes in the area for walleye fishing. Be patient at this lake and make sure you don't leave early. They seem to turn on right at sunset. Try out off the launch site and look for weedbeds, you should be able to get a few walleye and it's a very good crappie lake earlier in the day.
If you'd like to get more info. on some of the better walleye lakes in the Hills area, go over to Knutsons in Brooklyn and ask about the money they take in ,(I think they still do this), to plant like 10" to 12" walleyes in Clark, Vineyard,Sand and I thought Wamplers. The DNR doesn't stock these BIG fish in these lakes, and it's private funds that do this. I understand that Sand Lake got a couple of plantings, one in the fall, and one in the winter this year. Check it out , but that should get you started on where to go. Good Luck !!!
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Fishmann is right with what he is saying with Knutsons. Fished Sand lake last summer with stinger spoons and crawlers harnesses and caught 6 eater size walleyes in one day. Threw em back to catch em another day. While ice fishing, have seen walleye pulled through the ice, but far and few between. Gotta cottage on the lake and the neighbor two houses down has a 29 inch walleye he caught outta Sand about 10 years ago...They are in there, its just locating them. Have only two spots on that lake that I have caught walleye in.

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Thanks for all of your replies! Captain Jay, I emailed you earlier today. Does everyone carry their radios on the ice set to ch 7?

I'll try vinyard tomorrow and this weekend, Blue minuteman, radio on ch 7. Stop by for a ginger ale :)
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