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Walleye tipups

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Need some help. Last year was my first year fishing for walleye through the ice. I didn't catch a single eye. How should I rig up my tip up???????Need lots of details. Do you you the walleye minnows or the golds???
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Get rid of the tip up's, and start jigging!! If you want two rods, jig with one, and run a dead stick in the hole right next to you, with just a split shot and a live minnow.

I do run tip up's once in a while, but jigging will out number them 10 - 1.

If you do run tip up's, try running a 4 - 6 lb leader to a small treble hook, and set the tip up as light as possible. As soon as they feel the tension, they will spit it out.

Good luck,

Captain Jay
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captain jay pretty much nailed it!
I use blues.

we use a lot of tip=ups on hubbard. the biggest key is small treble hooks. size 12 or 14. like chad1 i like to use the blues. sometime i will put a small bead and blade above the hook. also never hurts to go up about two feet and add another dropper line with a hook and minnow.
Try a round bobber smaller than your thumb and leave 5ft of line in the hole so eye can run.Cover hole with thin board to help with freezing.
Cool idea RCH!!! I'll have to give that a try!
Also, try 1 and 1, jigging and a WINDLASS Tip-Up. They work 1 better than a regular Tip-Up for Eyes. Use a Swedish Pimple, trebble hook with a stinger. I was just in Dicks Sports yesterday and they still had some.
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