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Walleye School with Mark Martin

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let’s save our can money and put @eagle eyes to school!

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I'm signed up. Been wanting to do this school for years. Can I catch fish when the fish are biting? Absolutely. In fact I've been known on occasion to catch them when the bite was tough. But these guys catch them when no one else is. Mark has forgotten more than I will ever know about walleye fishing. The devil is in the details and he is the king of small details that add up to productive days. $200/day is worth that experience for me
I've been to seminars that Mark has presented at. I have somehow managed gleen more than "My gear sucks". One of his pro's for this school taught me 2 tricks for fishing West side walleyes in a 45 minute seminar that drastically improved my success. 3 hours spent has had a major impact on my walleye success. Excited to see what improvement 4 full days brings
$800 to tell me my gear sucks, then give em a boat ride so they can catch fish..
-$400 that's a normal weekend when I take my wife out fishing.

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Well school wrapped up yesterday. To be honest I think it would be 50/50 on how most guys would feel about it afterwards. I would guess that some guys would say "I could have learned all that from free you tube videos and some books". Other guys learn better from watching and having interaction with people.

Some of the highlights for me were:
- Learning how to run harnesses and cranks at the same time at higher speeds
-Learning how and why to identify holding areas of active fish in the shallower parts of the bay.
-One of the pro's is a Muskegon native and gave me his go to baits/ patterns/ locations for each season in the drowned river mouths over here.
-Spent 45 minutes one day with Mark just cruising around the bay as he showed me what he looks for to identify fish at higher speeds and what he has to see in order to slow down and get a better picture.
-Stories from Mark about other fishing personalities and TV hosts had me rolling
-Best way to bring a fish to the net that will end up in 0 lost fish at the back of the boat.
-Techniques Mark used to win tournaments fishing weeds on Northern LP and UP shallow lakes
-Many other small tricks that put a few more fish in the boat and less equipment failures.
- I have more confidence in some of the things I was already doing because they are the same as guys that have to consistently fill their boat.

In the end for me it was money and time well spent. I have no doubt it will help me put more fish in my boat. On top of that I made some friends with both the pro's and other fisherman extending my network. I have Marks cell number plus the cell numbers of 2 charter captains each working a different side of the bay. Also Marks tournament partner. They all interated many times to call them any time we need some info or advice on any body of water in North America.
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