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Walleye Dreaming

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Muskegon Lake on the closer had to fish solo. I must be dreaming....

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Good lord....dude if you lived anywhere remotely close to me you wouldnt be out there pulling those hogs alone! Holy Smokes boy good fish!
WOW for real great looking fish lucky dog your the man.
Thanks guys, the stuff dreams are made of. Water temp was 36 degrees and I was trolling deep husky jerks over the deep rivermouth areas. 3 times out this winter no fish. I'll call it even after today. The first was a 12 lb (11 lb 13 oz certified) 30" hen stuffed with eggs I kept for my wall. The second was 10.5 lbs 29" slob and was released unharmed after a trip in my livewell, photo op, and release from shore. Thanks to the gentleman at the launch for shooting some pix for me, and Tim for the tips! What a day to play hooky.:D
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Very nice Stein!
12 lbs dont blame you mount away man I would still trying to get one that size the only times I do are when its closed in the rivers.
Nice marble eyes stein!
Nice job Tim! I'm glad I could help, but I would also liked to have been out there with you on the last day. Oh well I had my day wed. out there when I landed 6 fish all between 4-10 lbs. I am still looking for that 12 pounder though for the wall.
I am hoping now maybe to make a tripdown to lake erie before it closes.
Great job again Tim!

Good Fishing

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Great fish! Love the sig... You've been dancin with mr. brownstone:D :cool:
Man those are some nice fish Tim congrats!! we will have to hit erie again this year but probably not gonna do that good on that big of fish.:D
Seen you on caller ID when I woke-up this afternoon. Those are a couple of dandies. They do like those deep huskies. Won't be long and it will be time for the pierheads see ya then. Tim
Good deal Tim! I was tinking of going after work but decided not to. Just another mistake for me!

Thanks guys! I'm still buzzing from the experience, what a day. Here is another gratuitous shot of her.

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sweet, when is the fish fry? I will not come over empty handed either I will bring my appetite.
Beautiful, just plain beautiful ! :D (tear in my eye:) )
Stien, way to go buddy. One nice thing about Polasek is if he calls ya about the bite on eye's you better be going..I may have went to but I'm just plain stupid about steel ???
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