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Walled and Wolverine Lakes

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I just got back from a little road trip to Walled Lake and Wolverine Lake. Both Lakes are mostly ice covered and checked the access sites at both lakes. About 1" to 1 1/2" inches of ice on both. Looked like someone even had two tipups out in front of one of the homes on Walled Lake.

There was a very small lake/pond next to Wolverine Lake at the corner of Commerce Road and Decker, not too sure what it is called but there were two guys right out in the middle ice fishing. I wouldn't have been too comfortable with it but they didn't seem to mind.
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where is the access site on walled lake located? i thought that was a private lake myself.
You can get on Walled Lake at the public beach.
Walled lake is really NOT a private lake, However, that being said, the ONLY access to it for fishing is the public beach on the north end, and ONLY during the hard water season.

You can not get a boat on it from anywhere unless you fish WITH someone who lives on the lake, Novi Police WILL run you off and possibly ticket you
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Isn't there another public beach on the south end where you can get access?
the only beach on the south end that I know of is private, residents only...
Mercer beach is on north end just down from the boathouse bar. it is public, i think owned by the city/village. nice drop off right off shore. good luck.;)
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